A Proven Track Record of Success

David White’s extensive background in business, marketing, and technology makes him the perfect partner.

With over three decades of experience, David has worked across a multitude of industries and with some of the world’s most influential companies.

His clients range from Fortune 500 giants to agile startups, each benefiting from his unique approach to business strategy and growth.

“David is such a powerful marketing guy, everything he says is high quality, usable and true. Delivered with humour when appropriate, he’s extremely easy to watch, view, and learn from. Highly recommended.”
— Tim Coe, Attitude Charter

Transforming Complex Concepts into Simple Steps

David’s ability to simplify complex ideas and make them accessible is one of his greatest strengths. He has a knack for breaking down intricate strategies into clear, actionable steps, making them easy to understand and implement. This skill is especially valuable for small business owners and entrepreneurs who may feel overwhelmed by the challenges of finding their ideal customers, crafting irresistible offers, and maximizing their online reach.

“David breaks everything down beautifully, turning complex issues into simple steps so that it is easily understood. His patience has been HUGELY appreciated and I have learned such a lot from him. David always follows through on every promise. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”
Caroline Hurry, Writer, Researcher, Editor

A Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

David’s deep knowledge and extensive experience in both traditional and digital marketing set him apart. He has been at the forefront of the digital marketing revolution, pioneering new techniques and strategies that have become industry standards. His insights are not just theoretical; they are grounded in real-world experience and proven to deliver results.

“David is a versatile tech expert which on many occasions surprised with his excellence of knowledge and expertise. I have dealt with him in many endeavors but most importantly he has changed my complete approach in just an hour of discussion despite my long experience.”
Anand Acharya, Airbus Project Manager & Coach

Practical Insights and Actionable Strategies

David’s approach is highly practical. He focuses on providing actionable strategies that businesses can implement immediately to see tangible results. This hands-on, no-nonsense approach is reflected in his book, which is designed to be a practical guide rather than a theoretical treatise. The 81 secrets, 47 lessons, and 99 top tips are all drawn from David’s extensive experience and are presented in a way that is easy to understand and apply.

“David has a way of taking what you are thinking even if it is a half-formed idea and elucidating it by putting it into context and writing it out clearly and distinctly. His wealth of experience makes it a delight to work with and the ideas are endless but disciplined.”
Mustafa Ahmed, Senior Technical Learning Specialist

Real-World Case Studies and Examples

Throughout Sales Strategy Secrets, David shares case studies and examples that demonstrate how the Network Navigator framework has been applied to a range of businesses. These real-world stories show how companies have successfully implemented the 5 Ps—People, Pitch, Process, Performance, and Presence—to achieve remarkable growth and success. By illustrating these principles in action, David provides readers with a clear roadmap for applying these strategies to their own businesses.

“David is an energetic and innovative digital marketing advocate. His knowledge and commitment has gained industry recognition and he is a regular speaker at key industry events and a published author of several best-selling digital marketing books.”
Carla Cotterell

A Respected Voice in the Industry

David’s reputation as a respected thought leader and expert in his field is well-established. He is a sought-after speaker, regularly presenting at industry events and sharing his insights with audiences around the world. His ability to engage and inspire audiences is a testament to his deep understanding of the topics he covers and his passion for helping businesses succeed.

“David’s knowledge in business and marketing – hand in hand, with his unbridled energy and enthusiasm, inspires any and all to up their game. Always something to learn, and improve – and always fresh ideas and angles – always pushing forward – and getting real results.”
Lisa Catto, The Business Catalyst

The Author’s Unique Perspective

David’s diverse background and multifaceted career give him a unique perspective on sales strategy and business growth. As a contractor, employer, pioneer, inventor, design engineer, professional business advisor, group leader, mentor, author, and consultant, David has worn many hats and gained a wealth of experience. This diverse experience allows him to understand the challenges and opportunities that businesses face from multiple angles and to provide well-rounded, effective solutions.

“David is an excellent presenter and knows his subject and the marketplace extremely well. I have no reservations in providing my personal endorsement for his skills and services.”
David Quirk, CEO at NGN Global

Learn from the Best

With Sales Strategy Secrets, you are not just getting a book; you are getting access to David White’s vast knowledge and experience. The book is complemented by three hour-long videos available on YouTube, each focusing on one of the key topics: finding your perfect customer, crafting irresistible offers, and online reach. These videos provide additional insights and practical tips that you can use to enhance your understanding and implementation of the strategies discussed in the book.

“An Authentic Pioneer In Marketing. The strategies David reveals literally turn conventional thinking on its ear! This is exactly the kind of advice I needed when I started my career.”
Dan Kennedy, Magnetic Marketing


David White is the ideal author for Sales Strategy Secrets because of his proven track record, practical insights, and unique perspective. His ability to simplify complex concepts, provide actionable strategies, and share real-world examples makes this book an invaluable resource for anyone looking to grow their business. Whether you are a startup, a middle-sized company, or a large enterprise, David’s guidance will help you navigate the complexities of sales strategy and achieve remarkable success.

“Brands Accelerate Sales – David White helps businesses and brands accelerate sales through improving, engaging and being clear in a world of unnecessary complexity and tech-no-babble.”
Mike Leahy, Brand Advisor

By leveraging the principles of the Network Navigator framework and the 5 Ps, you can find your perfect customer, craft irresistible offers, and expand your online reach, all while benefiting from David White’s extensive experience and expertise.

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