Key Accomplishments

I’m a business growth strategist with a proven track record of driving success for companies across various industries.

As a sales and marketing director, I’ve been instrumental in helping businesses achieve their targets, contributing to a collective $45 million in commissions for myself and my company. This achievement is just a fraction of the value I’ve delivered by handling client budgets extending far beyond this figure.

In addition to my sales and marketing expertise, I’m an accomplished author, having penned a series of best-selling books.

My experience includes providing consultancy services, training staff, and clients, and managing service delivery teams. I’ve spent several decades working hands-on with clients, ensuring their goals are met and often exceeded.

As CEO of my own company, I had diverse responsibilities.

I built and led a sales and marketing team, managed finance, organized events, ensured compliance, attracted investors, and grew the company to employ up to 60 staff across multiple teams. I also established a full-time board and worked with advisors and specialist consultants to keep the business on track and thriving.

In my industry roles, I have held chairperson positions, guiding the strategic direction of industry bodies. I’ve also led high-stakes negotiations with corporate buyers, oversaw due diligence processes, and worked closely with forensic accountants to ensure transparency and integrity.

With a blend of operational experience and strategic vision, I’m passionate about helping businesses grow and thrive, and I’m always ready for the next challenge.

The Importance of Adaptation and Variety

I specialize in improving lead flow and optimizing conversion rates for my clients.

I design marketing campaigns that provide flexible options. Creating mix-and-match strategies keeps things fresh month by month and adapts as trends change over time.

This approach ensures that my clients’ offers remain top-of-mind for their customers, preventing them from becoming just one-hit wonders.

Why Clients Choose Me: Unmatched Tenacity and Creativity

Clients come to me for my relentless determination, unique strategies, and extensive experience.

I offer innovative ideas to drive sales, entertain, and engage audiences.

This approach keeps customers interested, encourages them to refer others, and brings them back for more.

Discovering My Approach: How I Find the Right Clients

I connect with clients through various channels, including online groups, social media, referrals, and advertising.

This approach ensures a consistent flow of inquiries and interesting assignments. However, I don’t take on every client. I prefer to work with those who understand my expertise and have established needs and business opportunities that I can enhance.

For instance, I offer a free program called “Sales Growth in 5 Steps,” which consists of five videos designed to generate significant new revenue for businesses. By following the concepts in this program, some clients have seen their revenue grow by thousands, or even millions, over time.

If you find value in the free program, I invite you to complete a questionnaire. After reviewing your responses, I will determine whether your business could benefit from a more personalized approach.

If I see potential, I’ll invite you to a call to discuss further steps. If not, I’ll suggest alternative resources that might be a better fit.

This process ensures that I work with clients who can benefit the most from my guidance and expertise.

Some of my favourite headline clients.

past client: Adobe
past client: Barclays
past client: Disney
past client: IBM
past client: Institute of directors
past client: Marriott
past client: Nestle
past client: Sony
past client: Tate & Lyle
past client: Vodafone
past client: Universal Pictures
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