Over the years I’ve authored various materials, including booklets, flyers, lead magnets, and a handful of full-length books.

This page highlights some of my latest books, each focused on a topic I’m passionate about.

How to Start a Business Without Any Money

Many aspiring entrepreneurs believe that starting a business requires a significant financial investment.

This book aims to debunk that myth.

Book Cover of How To Start A Business Without Any Money

While certain industries, like restaurants, typically require substantial capital, many businesses can be launched with little to no upfront cost. This approach reduces financial risk and allows you to focus on building a customer-centric business model.

In this book, I share insights from my own experience of building successful businesses without heavy financial investment. I started my first business with just sweat equity, ultimately growing several companies to multimillion-dollar turnovers that have thrived for decades.

Through this journey, I’ve learned that business success is less about initial capital and more about meeting customer needs and ensuring they return for more. If you fail to attract and retain customers, you’ll find yourself constantly scrambling to acquire new ones, leading to a shaky foundation.

By following the principles outlined in this book, you can start your business on a stable footing without risking your savings or spending years trying to raise capital. It’s designed to empower you to build a business with creativity, resourcefulness, and a deep understanding of your customers.


A Simple Security Framework for Businesses of Any Size

Many businesses struggle with implementing comprehensive cybersecurity measures, often finding frameworks like CISSP overwhelming. My book, ESORMA, offers a simplified approach, distilling the complexities of CISSP into a security framework that any business can easily adopt.

After spending months teaching CISSP to various organizations, including the NHS and PwC, I noticed a recurring question: “Where do I start?” The feedback was consistent—the content was dense, and people needed a simpler starting point to make meaningful progress in cybersecurity. This book is my response to that challenge.

ESORMA provides a clear, step-by-step guide to implementing effective security practices, regardless of your company’s size or industry. It addresses fundamental principles, helping you secure your business without getting lost in jargon or complicated processes. Whether you’re just beginning to explore cybersecurity or looking for a more straightforward way to bolster your existing security measures, this book serves as a practical resource.

By using ESORMA, you can take decisive steps to protect your business and create a culture of security awareness among your employees, without the confusion or complexity that often accompanies traditional security frameworks. It’s designed for anyone seeking a manageable, actionable approach to cybersecurity, offering peace of mind in an increasingly challenging digital landscape.

Executive Functioning Skills for Kids

Navigating Executive Functioning: A Guide to Understanding and Supporting Developmental Challenges

As a parent, I’ve witnessed firsthand the struggles that children face when dealing with executive functioning issues.

Book cover: Executive Functioning Skills For Kids

While my kids didn’t suffer greatly, my curiosity about these skills grew as I observed other children and their challenges. This book is the culmination of years of research into executive functioning, a set of skills that allows us to communicate, move, and manage daily tasks effectively.

Whether brought on by external factors, emotional shock, or traumatic accidents, trauma can disrupt executive functioning skills. When these disruptions occur, individuals must often relearn basic skills to regain their ability to function in the world. This book explores the complexities of executive functioning and offers practical insights into how to support those who struggle with these challenges.

My interest in this subject grew from both personal experience and a broader observation of the medical community’s approach to psychological issues. The challenge is that many psychologists, while seeking to understand the brain, often resort to tranquilizers or sedation, which do little to address the underlying issues. This approach became even more concerning when a UK government report revealed a high percentage of prescriptions for tranquilizers, despite evidence suggesting that these medications are no more effective than placebos.

“Executive Functioning Skills for Kids” provides a comprehensive guide to understanding these skills and offers strategies to support individuals in overcoming their challenges. It also critiques the conventional methods used in treatment, advocating for more effective and empathetic approaches.

This book is designed for parents, educators, and anyone seeking to understand better and help those with executive functioning difficulties.

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