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David is a consultant and author unafraid of rolling up his sleeves as he is a certified agile project manager and Amazon cloud coding professional too.

David has supported, coached, mentored and managed teams of varying sizes from 1 up! Locally, remotely, globally and in parallel. Typically multiple cultures, language and disciplines are managed closely to get results in on time and on budget.

Here, within this site, you'll find a members area with a video series dedicated to making offers your customers can't refuse.


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As you are here, reading this, your answer to the question must be in the affirmative, and you are in luck, there are three ways you can work with David.

As described in Chapter 5 of How To Start A Business Without Any Money, this is walking the talk. I suggest you do the same and devise starter, ongoing and end-to-end service packages for your clients too. By way of example, these are his offers:

  1. Starter, on-boarding offers:

    • Newsletter subscription

    • Unlimited email support

    • 1:1 audio / visual support

  2. Support services:

    • Mentoring

    • Coaching

  3. Consulting packages:

    • Chief Technical Officer

    • Cyber security

    • Sales Director

    • Non -executive director

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Why listen to David White?

A father, husband, a lifetime in business, strong technical capability... as CEO, CTO, Sales Director, award winning, best selling author and mentor to business owners and CEOs of top 100 companies. Experience that stretches decades, the USA, Europe and beyond. Having worked in B2B, B2C, Banking, Computing, Construction, Defense, Design, Distribution, Food, Leisure, Manufacturing, Retail, Training and so much more.

The key is to identify features to turn into simple to understand customer benefits.

In 2004 David Chaired the Internet Advertising Bureau (UK and then Europe) for Search, and defined the standard banner advertising sizes we all use today and set the standards for ethical Search Engine Optimisation.

He also owns the trademark Iterative Innovation. In 2018, partnering with Mustafa Ahmed, David defined the global standard for implementing security practices for enterprises of all sizes: ESORMA.

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Two awards from the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors. One for 'Marketing Miracles' co-authored with Dan Kennedy and the other for 'The New Masters of Online Marketing'. One award presented in the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square, New York. The other in The Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, California, opposite the Dolby Theatre. Also in shot is 'Hit Me' published through Fresh Business Thinking in the UK, along with 'The Relationship Age' co-authored with Mari Smith. See more recent books on this books page link.

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